Huan-Ming Xiong

Huan-Ming Xiong, born in 1976, was recommended exemption to College of Chemistry in Jilin University for his bachelor degree in 1995. In 2004, he got PhD of Inorganic Chemistry from the State Key Laboratory of Inorganic Synthesis and Preparative Chemistry in Jilin University, and then he joined the Department of Chemistry in Fudan University as a lecturer. He was promoted to an associate professor in 2007, a doctor adviser in 2009 and a full professor in 2012, respectively. During 2008~2009, he worked as an Alexander von Humboldt fellow at the Max-Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in Germany. He has published over 80 papers in SCI journals as first author and corresponding author, with over 9000 citations and an H-index of 47. He has applied for 15 Chinese invention patents and 8 of them have been authorized. He has completed several national natural science foundations and Shanghai natural science foundation while participated in the completion of major special projects including 973 and 863. He is currently an editorial board member of Scientific Reports and a member of the carbon dots functional materials research society in the Chinese Materials Research Society. The research area of Prof. Xiong's group is about the preparation and application of functional nanomaterials, while currently focusing on carbon dots as a new type of carbon nanomaterials, which is of great significant in biological fluorescence analysis, disease diagnosis and treatment, luminescent lighting devices, electrochemical energy storage technology and other fields.


Graduate Students


Xi-Rong Zhang

Ph.D Candidate


B. S. Wuhan University


Jia-Wen Ni



B. S. Fudan University


Zhao-Fan Wu

Ph.D Candidate


B. S. Zhengzhou University

M. S. Zhengzhou University


Qian-Li Ma



B. S. Fudan University




Zhao-Nan Sun



B. S. Fudan University





Bao-Juan Wang



B. S. Tongji University








Graduated Students


Present Address


Tian-Bin Song (Ph.D of the year 2023)


Fudan University(Postdoctoral)


Wei-Jie Zheng (M.S of the year 2023)


Envision Energy


Jun Liu (M.S of the year 2022)


Suzhou Middle School


Zun-Hui Huang (M.S of the year 2022)




Xiao-Qing Niu (Ph.D of the year 2021)


Institute of Geographical Sciences, Henan Academy of Sciences


Ji-Shi Wei (Ph.D of the year 2019)


National University of Singapore(Postdoctoral)


Peng Zhang (M.S of the year 2019)


The University of Sydney Ph.D Canidate


Xiang-Yang Dong (M.S of the year 2019)


Selected students of Anhui Province


Yi-Yi Shi (B.S of the year 2017)


Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation


Pan Liu (B.S of the year 2017)


Shanghai Xinkebiao Education Center


Jie Chen (M.S of the year 2017)


Fudan University Ph.D Candidate


Wei Zhao (M.S of the year 2017)


Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Hui Ding (Ph.D of the yeaar 2016)


China University of Mining and Technology


Ying-Ying Ma(M.S of the year 2015)


Shanghai Microspectrum Chemical Technology Service Co., Ltd.


Bo-Long Li (B.S of the year 2014)


East China Normal University Ph.D Candidate


Jue-Fei Zhou (M.S of the year 2013)


Shanghai Research Institute of Chemistry Industry


Meng-Xi Yang (B.S of the year 2013)


Texas A&M University.USA


Jie Ao (B.S of the year 2012)


Paris Institute of Technology.France


Li-li Qiu(B.S of the year 2012)


Georgetown University.USA


Ri-Zhao Ma (B.S of the year 2011)


The National University of Singapore.Singapore